How to set up your Watch TV Everywhere account:

  1. Visit watchTVeverywhere.com from your PC, laptop, or mobile device.
  1. Then select your TV provider (Falcon Broadband) from the drop down list of providers.
  1. Once you’ve selected your provider, you will then click the Register tab at the top left of the page.
  1. Now you’ll go through the simple registration process by entering your 1-5 digit account #, without any zero’s at the beginning of your account #.  Then the name of the account holder as described on the registration page. Followed by inputting the Verification code which is randomly generated every time you set up a main or sub account. This Subscriber Validation info (IE: Account # and Name) will be the same for each of the four access accounts through the Watch TV Everywhere platform. The New User Information will be specific to each of the four access accounts utilizing different Email accounts, passwords, and security questions for each.
  1. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will now have access to most of the programming and channels offered within your Cable TV subscription through Falcon Broadband.
  1. Now whenever you visit the Watch TV Everywhere website and login from your PC, laptop, or mobile device you will be directed to a main page with all the currently available channels that you’re able to access and when you click on the logo it will direct you to the corresponding website and all the content available through said website. If you’re visiting the Watch TV Everywhere site with a mobile device or tablet, the logo may redirect you to download the app associated with the channels on demand and live content.

Keep in mind that you are allowed up to four accounts through watchTVeverywhere. One main account that’s setup the first time you register and three sub accounts below that, with each account having its own specific email and login credentials.