Value Bundles


Falcon Broadband takes pride in the value that we provide to our customers. And value gets better and better by bundling service offerings together. All Falcon Broadband services are always bundled with our great customer support, but when you choose multiple services together in a bundled value package, you receive a discount on the price as well as the convenience of one bill and one local support team.

It’s really simple. Bundle any two or three of our core services; Internet, Telephone, and Video together in any combination to rack up the savings. Sound too simple?? That’s how we have built our reputation, straight forward pricing without gimmicks.

We also offer significant savings on our premium channels: HBO, Showtime, Starz/Encore, and Cinemax. The individual prices are still the best value available, but choose 2, 3, or all 4 and you’ll save huge!!

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*Terms and Conditions apply, call for details