All of Falcon Broadband’s telephone services are provided by our own Lucent telephone switch located right here in Colorado Springs. This means you get the reliability you need at a price you can afford! You can keep your current local phone number. Every Falcon Broadband customer receives Enhanced 911 (E911) emergency services, as well as personal service from our local support personnel.

Falcon Broadband’s telephone service includes three free features and 500 minutes of free long distance service. Choose any three features for free… add additional features for only $2.75/each.

TelephoneCall Waiting
3-Way Calling
Speed Calling 30
Caller ID
Select Call Forwarding
Voice Mail
Call Waiting/ID
Custom Ring
Continuous Redial
Call Hunting
Call Rejection
Speed Call 8
Last Call Return
Call Forwarding

Telephone Features and Instructions