Falcon Broadband Local Services

Taxes, Fees and Surcharges Summary

Federal Excise Tax  at $ 3%

A tax assessed by the federal government for telephone services.

State Sales Tax at  2.9%

This is a tax assessed by the state.

County Sales Tax

This is a tax assessed by county governments

Special Districts Sales Tax

These taxes are assessed outside the scope of the state, counties or cities. They can be used for  for transit, fire protection, or other special purpose tax districts.

Local 911 at $.70 per access line

This surcharge, funds the cost of providing emergency services communications systems in your community.

Federal Universal Service Fund

This charge recovers the amount Falcon contributes to the Federal Universal Service Fund. The rate is adjusted quarterly to match the costs of the Federal program and is applied to interstate and international long distance calls. This fund helps keep local phone rates affordable for all Americans.

Federal Access Charge at $6.50, Residential

The Federal Access Charge is authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for providing access to and maintaining the local phone network. 


Colorado Universal Service Charge

This charge recovers the amount Falcon contributes to the Colorado Universal Service Fund. This fund helps keep basic exchange rates affordable.

Telecommunication Relay Service Fund at $.10 per access line.

This charge funds relay centers that help hearing- and speech ­impaired customers make and receive calls.

Telephone Assistance Program at $.07 per access line

This charge funds the program used to provide telephone service to certain disadvantaged or disabled customers at a reduced rate.

Note:  Special districts & local taxes vary based on sub-division, county, municipality, etc.