As a provider of phone, Internet, and cable services, Falcon Broadband is regulated by the federal Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 (Cable Act) and the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 (Telecommunications Act).   This document states our policies regarding customer information and privacy in accordance with those regulations.  The Cable Act and Telecommunications Act are public record and can be referenced by customers if needed.

Falcon Broadband has a duty under the Cable Act and Telecommunications Act to protect the confidentiality of customer proprietary network information (CPNI) and personally identifiable information pertaining to our customers.  CPNI is a combination of phone information such as the type of phone services you receive or the quantity, destination, location, configuration and amount of services that you use, matched to personal information such as your name, address, and telephone number.  Personally identifiable information is information that identifies a particular person.

Falcon Broadband collects, maintains, and uses CPNI and personally identifiable information of its customers for legitimate business operations.   These business operations include, but are not limited to, connecting service, delivering service, billing for service, protecting against fraud, troubleshooting issues, marketing, collections, and administration.  In some situations, information may be passed to third party service providers to provide legitimate business operations on Falcon Broadband’s behalf.  These third party service providers are only permitted to use the information in order to complete these legitimate business operations.   Legitimate legal situations such as a subpoena, court order, or search warrant may require that Falcon Broadband provide CPNI and personally identifiable information of a customer(s) without their consent.  Falcon Broadband may also use or disclose customer information without consent as permitted by law to protect our customers, employees, terms of service, or in emergency situations.  Some services such as Caller ID, 911/E911, and directory services may also disclose personal information.

Falcon Broadband maintains CPNI and personally identifiable information while customers have active accounts and then for a period of time after accounts are deactivated for business, legal, and tax purposes.  Falcon Broadband follows industry standard practices to protect its customers information while it is maintained, and destroy the information when it is no longer needed.

Falcon Broadband may modify this policy at any time.  A copy will be provided to customers at the time they enter into a service agreement and they will be notified of any material changes.  If the Policy or changes are unacceptable to customers they have the right to cancel their service.  Continuing to use the service after notification of the changes will be considered acceptance and consent to the changes by Falcon Broadband.  The current version of this Privacy Policy document can always be referenced at:

Customers can give or withhold approval for Falcon Broadband to use CPNI to market additional products and services by contacting Falcon Broadband.  Customers can also contact Falcon Broadband for procedures to review and make correction to their CPNI data.  Falcon Broadband can be contacted for these reasons or others at:

Contact by person during our normal business hours 8 am – 5 pm M-F,  or by mail at:

555 Hathaway Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Or during our normal business hours of 8 am – 5 pm M-F at our customer service number:



Revised 20080118.