Falcon Broadband Phone Features


911 Emergency Services – When dialing 911 you are connected to the closest emergency response center. Note: If you move your digital phone to another area you will need to notify Falcon Broadband support so that we can update the 911 information.

Caller ID (w/Name TBA) – This feature lets you know who is calling before you answer the phone. It is compatible with most Caller ID phones and devices.

How it works: Simply connect the Caller ID device inline with the phone, phones with built-in Caller ID should work automatically.

Call Waiting – Allows you to accept an incoming call while you’re already on a phone call. This feature places the first call on hold while allowing you to answer the second incoming call.

How it works: While you’re on the phone, a beep tone alerts you to another incoming call. If available, the new phone number also displays on your Caller ID device. If you want to take the call, press the flash button or switch hook on your phone to answer the second incoming call. Press flash or switch hook on your phone to toggle between calls. Calls that you do not answer go to voicemail.

Hold – Place a caller on hold.

How it works: To hold an established call, press flash once. The caller will be put on hold. To retrieve the call, press flash once more. When the caller is at hold, you can run another call by dialing another number. When you hang up the handset the phone will ring. Pick up the call and you will be engaged in a call with the original caller.

3-Way Calling – Connect two parties to your call, so three of you can talk at the same time.

How it works: To establish a 3-Way call, call the first number, then press flash or switch hook to hold the call, dial the second number and before or after being answered, press flash or switch hook once more to establish the 3-way call.

Call Forwarding – (*72,*73)

How it works: To forward your line to another number, while not on a call. Take the phone handset off-hook, dial *72.  You should hear dial-tone again. Then dial the number you would like to forward to, if this number is long distance include the area code. When you hear a busy signal that means the command was successful.

To un-forward your line, while not on a call. Take the handset off-hook, dial *73, if you hear a busy signal your line has been successfully un-forwarded. If you do not hear a busy signal your line was not forwarded to begin with.

Last Call Return (*69) – Automatically returns your last received call, does not announce number before calling.

How it works: Pickup the handset, dial *69, your call last caller will be dialed immediately.

Caller ID Block (*67) – Allows you to block your outgoing Caller ID number and name from being displayed by the recipient of the call, this is a per call feature.

How it works: After picking up the handset, listen for dial tone, dial *67, listen for dial tone again, then dial the number you are calling. When the person receives your call their caller ID will be blank or say “Anonymous”.

Block Last Received Caller (*60) – To block the last received caller, dial *60. To start accepting calls from the blocked number again, dial *80, or dial *60 to accept the previously blocked number and block the latest received caller.

Continuous Redial (on=*66 off=*86) – Use this feature when you encounter a busy signal to continuously redial the number until the recipient’s line becomes available. When the line is available for calls the phone will ring a distinct ring and you will be connected.

How it works: When a number is dialed and the dialed number is busy, the Caller can activate Auto Redial by hanging up, then dialing *66 and hanging up the handset again. The phone will periodically dial the busy number for a default period of 30 minutes. When the dialed number is reached the Caller will be notified with a distinctive ring. When the caller picks up the phone he will be immediately in the call. If the called party hangs up and the caller does not pick up the phone when the special ring tone is heard, then on the next attept to use the phone the Caller will get busy signal indicating that the Auto Redial service succeeded. To place the next call, the caller needs to hang up and pick up the phone again.

To cancel the periodic auto redialing before the 30 minute time has been reached, dial *86

Do Not Disturb (on=*44 off=*55) – Allows you to set your phone so that it will not accept incoming calls, instead they will go to directly voicemail.

How it works: At your phone dial *44, you should immediately hear a busy signal confirming the command. Your incoming calls will now go directly to voicemail until disabled.  Dial *55 to disable, busy signal will confirm as well.

Voicemail Features

General – Voice messaging takes messages when your line is busy or you do not answer the phone.  There is no additional equipment and messages are recorded even if the electricity is off.  Multiple messages can be taken simultaneously and callers never hear a busy signal.  You can even retrieve messages when away from home.

How it works: Call your own telephone number and wait for the voice mail message to play.  While the message is playing press the * key.  Wait for the password prompt and enter your password (temporary password is set to 1234) and then follow the system prompts.

**If you have caller id blocking on your line, you will have to dial *82 before dialing your home number to access the voice mail system**