Verify Falcon Broadband Inc

You may want to print this page for reference.

To set up your Online Payment you will need to know these few things to simplify getting set up online.

  • Security Code: call Falcon Broadband to receive
  • Account Name as it appears on your bill
  • Account Number: using your full account number including zeros
  • Username: if you are setting up your account for the first time you will need to create one.
    • Usernames are case sensitive
    • They must be 6-16 characters
    • Cannot contain spaces or special characters
    • Password: which must include lower & upper case letters and also numbers and it must be at least 8 characters long
    • Email Address: you will receive a confirmation email that your payment was received or notices of any changes to your account.
    • Security questions must be answered

You can view/print your Bill if you wish to have a hard copy.

We do not have access to your account, so keep track of your username and password.

Payment made using the Online Payment Center will be posted to your account within two business days.

In order for your payment to be recorded in time for your next statement, you must make your payment by the 15th of the month. If you make your payment after the 15th, please call Customer Service at 719-573-5343 to confirm that we receieved your payment.

Once you sign up for Online Billpay, your account is automatically set up for EBill, if you wish to continue to receive a paper bill call Falcon Broadband’s office, an additional fee may apply.

If you have any questions or need help registering online, please call Falcon Broadband at 719-573-5343.